APK Editor Studio v1.0.0 Released

The first version of the new APK editor for PC & Mac went public.


We are happy to announce the public launch of our new free APK editing tool, APK Editor Studio.

APK Editor Studio combines the ease of simple utilities and the power of IDE-like editors. It can be used to either quickly replace APK icon and title without any specific technical knowledge or create major APK mods by changing the internal resources, editing the reverse-engineered code and tweaking the Android manifest.

APK Editor Studio is a next-step project aimed at expanding the ideas from its predecessor, APK Icon Editor. Users of the latter can read this post containing the comparison of these tools in order to get an idea of feature highlights and key differences.

This software is totally free, open source and is available for all major platforms:

  • Windows ≥ 7
  • macOS ≥ 10.7
  • Linux


Icon Editor

APK Editor Studio automatically detects the corresponding APK resources letting you to easily change Android app icon. It supports Android qualifiers (e.g. different DPI values) and automatic conversion between the numerous image formats (see the "Image Editor" section).

See also this guide: How to change Android app icons

Title Editor

APK Editor Studio also automatically parses the proper string resources, which makes it really easy to change Android app title. Multilingual interfaces are supported: you can change application title for different locales and other qualifiers.

Image Editor

Internal image viewer/editor supports PNG, SVG, JPEG, BMP, ICO, GIF, WebP, ICNS, TIFF, TGA and many other image formats. APK Editor Studio provides automatic behind-the-scenes conversion between them so there is no need to waste your time converting your image to the needed format using third-party software and external editors.

Code Editor

You can quickly edit XML and YAML files in the internal code editor. Syntax highlighting support for other formats is also planned. You can become a contributor (check out our project at GitHub) and write one by yourself following the Qt QSyntaxHighlighter docs and the APK Editor Studio XML highlighter example.

Resource Inspector

Besides the file browser for APK contents, APK Editor Studio also includes intelligent resource inspector which automatically categorizes Android resources by type and qualifiers. This makes it really easy to browse through them, edit, replace, export, etc.

Project Manager

For those who doesn't want to dive deeply into all the advanced features for APK modding, the project hub provides a quick access to the most used and relevant functions, letting users to reach the needed actions just in one click:

  • Edit Android application icon
  • Edit Android application title
  • Explore APK contents
  • Install APK on device

Manifest Editor

Instead of manually editing the Android manifest XML file, users can change the most important and crucial application properties quickly and easily using APK Editor Studio:

  • Change version code
  • Change version name
  • Change minimum API level
  • Change target API level

More manifest parameters are planned for future releases.

APK Installer

The inbuilt APK installer and device manager are really handy when it comes to instant APK installation. No need to manually copy the resulting APK on your device and install in from there: applications can be installed on the connected Android devices just in a couple of clicks.

APK Signer

APK Editor Studio automatically signs APK using the standard Android apksigner tool. The pre-created key is provided by default to make the repacking process as smooth as possible, without having to set up anything. However, users can also provide their own existing keys or even create one right from the APK Editor Studio using the internal key manager.

Saved passwords are encrypted using the native platform-specific methods.

APK Optimizer

Additional APK optimization is performed through the standard Android zipalign tool which is executed after the APK is packed. This improves the Android application stability and reduces the RAM usage.


APK Editor Studio is a totally free and open source software licensed under GNU GPL v3. You can support this project:

Download APK Editor Studio