APK Editor Studio v1.7.1 Released

Minor but important improvements and hotfixes


Following the recent release filled with new features and enhancements, we're announcing the APK Editor Studio v1.7.1 with minor (though important) improvements and hotfixes.

If you missed the previous update, be sure to check out the APK Editor Studio v1.7.0 changelog.

What's New

Optimizing Shared Libraries

We have added the important -p option when running the optimization through the zipalign utility. This enables page alignment for shared libraries. Without this key, some APKs didn't save and/or run properly.

Fixed Apktool Update Loop

Previously, the inability to detect Java led to a false Apktool update notification showing every time the program started. This was happening because we can't fetch the Apktool version without Java. The issue was fixed in APK Editor Studio v1.7.1.

Improved Java Path Detection

As most of us know, detecting the Java installation path can be tricky sometimes. There are lots of cases when the Java installer doesn't update the relevant environment variables, or multiple updates result in version conflicts. This gets even more complicated when we need to support multiple desktop platforms.

In this release we have improved the Java detection for the Windows operating system: APK Editor Studio now also searches for the Java path in the Windows Registry. Here is the list of sources where APK Editor Studio will look for Java:

  • Path specified in the APK Editor Studio settings.
  • Path specified in JAVA_HOME.
  • Path specified in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft Windows Registry key.
  • Path specified in the PATH environment variable.


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