APK Editor Studio v1.3.1 Released

Android 10 support with Apktool 2.4.1

What's New in APK Editor Studio v1.3.1

This minor APK Editor Studio release introduces the following changes:

  • Updated Apktool to 2.4.1
  • Added support for Android 10
  • Windows: Fixed missing icons

What's New in Apktool v2.4.1

Highlights from the Apktool update:

  • Added support for Android Q (Android 10)
  • Updated baksmali/smali to v2.3.4
  • Updated gradle to 5.6.2
  • Fixed Java 32 bit support on Windows
  • Other changes

What's New in APK Editor Studio v1.3.0

The previous major APK Editor Studio update was released recently, so you also may want to take a look at the APK Editor Studio v1.3.0 changelog.