APK Editor Studio v1.4.0 Released

Android Explorer, improved GUI responsiveness, AAPT2, AppImage and new translations.


We are happy to announce the release of APK Editor Studio v1.4.0! There are a number of new features and options in this version that create lots of new possibilities for the upcoming updates.

What's New

Android Explorer

The major feature of this release is the Android Explorer. It includes the Android file manager which allows you to easily browse through the files on your device, manage, download, and upload them.

Android Explorer

Many other improvements and features for Android Explorer are planned to be introduced in the future APK Editor Studio releases.

Take screenshots

As a part of the newly introduced Android Explorer, you can now easily take screenshots from your device and save them to the computer.

Added 4 new translations

Thanks to our volunteer contributors, APK Editor Studio international community is getting bigger on every release. In addition to 6 already available translations (English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish), 4 new languages were added to the APK Editor Studio v1.4.0:

  • Greek
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Turkish

Fixed freezes and crashes

Previously, the time-consuming processes and synchronous initializations had a negative effect on the user experience. Since v1.4.0, the GUI is not being blocked on these operations anymore, and the spinner loading animation is displayed instead.

This release fixes and improves the responsiveness of the following processes and dialogs:

  • APK initialization
  • Title Editor
  • Key Manager
  • Device Manager
  • About Dialog

AAPT2 Support

AAPT is a tool used for building Android applications. Since the first version of AAPT is deprecated, many modern applications are moving to AAPT2. The underlying Apktool has an option to enable AAPT2, and now APK Editor Studio also supports this switch.

Minimum required macOS

According to our statistics, more than 97% of APK Editor Studio macOS users are running 10.11 and newer. As a result, we decided to bump the minimum required macOS version to 10.11 El Capitan. This allows to compile APK Editor Studio against the newer Qt 5.11.2 which includes lots of improvements and bug fixes.

If you still need support for the older Mac systems, you can download the previous APK Editor Studio releases or manually build the newer ones from the source code since the codebase still allows you to compile against the older macOS and Qt versions.

AppImage release

AppImage is a self-contained standalone binary package for Linux which provides an ability to run an application on most distributions without having to dive into dependencies, configuration, and compilation. From now on, in addition to DEB, APK Editor Studio for Linux also comes as an AppImage package instead of plain ELF packed into tar.xz.

Download APK Editor Studio