APK Editor Studio v1.6.0 Released

Smali syntax highlighter, refined code editor, resource filtering, built-in dark theme.


Following the relatively recent APK Editor Studio release, this update brings you lots of new features and bug fixes: custom integrated dark theme, Smali syntax highlighting, resource tree filtering, the refined code editor with code search, code folding, and code indentation control. See the full list of major changes below.

What's New

All Platforms
  • Fixed WebP image format support
  • Changed default editor font to Consolas
  • Dropped DEB package
  • Updated Qt to 5.15.2

Smali Syntax Highlighting

APK Editor Studio code editor now comes with a Smali syntax highlighting in addition to the XML and YAML formats. It became possible thanks to the KSyntaxHighlighting engine.

Smali Syntax Highlighting

Find and Replace

After a series of postponements, I am happy to inform you that these features are finally available:

  • Find functionality.
  • Replace functionality.
  • Real-time highlighting for all results.

More options, such as regular expressions and case sensitivity, will be added in future versions.

Find and Replace

Code Folding

Code folding is the ability to selectively hide and display code blocks. It is an important part for advanced code editors, and APK Editor Studio now also supports this feature.

Code Folding

Dark Theme

The previous APK Editor Studio release has introduced dark mode support. It requires a corresponding system-wide setting which, unfortunately, is not available across all platforms. However, in this update, we have integrated the in-app dark style from this project, so now you can enable the dark theme on all operating systems and environments.

Dark Theme

Resource Tree Filtering

Searching for a specific file in a nested resource tree can become a tedious task. This new input field allows you to quickly filter the tree and find the needed resource.

Resource Tree Filter

Stand-Alone Android Explorer

Android Explorer is now also available separately from the main APK Editor Studio GUI. You can run the stand-alone Android Explorer using one of the following commands:

  • apk-editor-studio -e or
  • apk-editor-studio --explorer

If you are using the Windows MSI installer, it will create a corresponding desktop shortcut for even easier access.

New Syntax Highlighter

APK Editor Studio has moved to an amazing syntax highlighter by the KDE Community — KSyntaxHighlighting. It supports a pretty impressive list of more than 340 different languages. In this release, we have added the Smali syntax highlighting. The already existing highlighters — XML and YAML — are now also powered by the KSyntaxHighlighting engine. If you need support for more languages out of the box, feel free to submit a feature request.


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