APK Editor Studio v1.3.0 Released

Permission editor, four new translations and other major improvements and bug fixes.


APK Editor Studio v1.3.0 is out now: meet the built-in Android permission editor, four new languages, lots of improvements and major bug fixes.

What's New

Permission Editor

Now you can edit application permissions without having to concern about the Android manifest contents. It has become possible due to the Permission Editor which provides a simple yet easy way to add and remove permissions.

Permission Editor

Ability to keep broken resources

Apktool has a --keep-broken-res option which, according to its documentation, allows to decode APK with a newer or non-standard structure giving you an ability to manually fix the errors. APK Editor Studio now also supports this switch: it can be turned on in Settings → Options → Repacking section.

Added 4 new translations

In addition to 2 already available translations (English and Russian), APK Editor Studio is now localized into 4 new languages:

  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Thanks to the volunteers for this contribution.

Improved handling of tool paths

  • Now users can manually specify path to Java.
  • APK Editor Studio now also searches for Java in JAVA_HOME environment variable.
  • The default paths are no longer saved to config. This largely improves the portability and side-by-side installation of APK Editor Studio.

Fixed bulk icon replacement

When user changes the APK icon using the Application Icon button, all related image resources are automatically replaced with a new one. However, adaptive XML icons were also replaced mistakenly in previous versions. APK Editor Studio v1.3.0 fixes this bug and brings a much smoother Android icon replacement experience.

Fixed Validity field

The key store generating dialog contains a Validity field which specifies the expiration date of a new key. Though the input field description refers to years, there was a bug in previous versions where days counted instead. This miscalculation was fixed in v1.3.0.

Spinner loading animation

Previously the loading process was animated with a green blinking line. This pattern was neither noticeable nor intuitive. Now the loading process is represented with a classic spinner animation bringing a more familiar user experience.

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