Alexander Gorishnyak

Qwerty Cube

Web & Desktop Development

APK Editor Studio

Powerful yet easy to use APK editor. Allows to edit Android application icons, images, name, version, translations, and any other resources. Written in C++/Qt.

APK Icon Editor

Simple APK editor designed to easily change application icons, name, version, and other resources. APK Editor Studio predecessor. Written in C++/Qt.

GitHub Release Stats

The set of solutions for fetching the download count and other statistics for GitHub repository releases. Web application | Node.js | Python


Simple progressive web app for managing debts owed to you. Powered by Vue.js and Firebase.


Simple and flexible administration panel for RESTful services based on Vue.js framework. Currently in development.

VK API Angular

VK social network Open API and widgets wrapper for AngularJS.


Lightweight customizable minimalistic responsive CSS grid packed with multiple useful helper classes and generators.

Onay Chrome

Google Chrome extension for checking the Onay (Kazakhstan transport card) balance.


Desktop software for checking KazNU student's progress with real-time notifications. Written in C++/Qt.